Duality - a 2D Game Development Framework

Duality is a modular 2D game engine that provides its own visual editor. It's highly extensible, written entirely in C# and backed by OpenGL.

Getting Started

Engine Features

  • Plugin Architecture

    Easily introduce game logic via plugin

  • Component Based Design

    Allows your own code to blend in seamlessly

  • Base Infrastructure

    Rendering, Audio, Physics, User Input, ...

  • Content Management

    Takes care of all your game resources

Editor Features

  • Live Editing

    Preview and Test directly in the editor

  • Hot-Reload Resources

    Modified Assets are automatically reloaded

  • Hot-Reload Plugins

    Write code and test it directly without restart

  • Modular Design

    Tailor the editor exactly to fit your game

Typical Workflow

For a lot of game libraries, your code has the active role of setting everything up and managing it. These roles are reversed here: Your primary job is to define objects and specify their behaviours - Duality can handle all the rest.

  1. Import Assets

    Drag files into the editor and drag assets into the game.

  2. Write Code

    Type C# code for game logic and engine extensions.

  3. Attach Logic

    Add bits of your code to objects in the game.


Duality is being constantly developed since 2011 - and it's just waiting for you to build great things.

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